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Memetic Theory has a long way to go before it can be considered an established science.  It's an exciting development.  Collecting information from other disciplines, it provides more elegant interpretations and accurate predictions.  We may observe Memetic Theory carving a niche and competing for minds.  It isn't a question of if this theory will be widely recognized but when.  However, Memetic Theory has too much to offer to lie dormant for another century. 

This blog entices people into the discipline, spreads ideas about memetics, and will hopefully rekindle dormant dreams.  Exerting selective pressure in favor of Memetic Theory is a long term project, one I would not pursue if it wasn't so promising.  But Memetic Theory needs many champions.  We are each able to create dialogues, platforms fostering the emergence and development of this science.  We need experiments to examine memetics and we need harsh critics to test its steel.

If you base an article or idea from this work, please reference it.  Attribution allows us to see the inheritance of ideas, which provides evidence of memetic transmission.

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