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For Believers Interested in Memetics

Since Memetics has been championed by leading atheists, it seems necessary to include the following statement:

All are welcome to pursue this discipline.  Memetics is not the exclusive domain of atheists.
Indeed, it shouldn't be. I encourage you to challenge anyone who claims it is. 
Those jerks don't know how to play well with others.
Don't let them overrun our playgrounds & labs.

Just as the theory of evolution doesn't eliminate G`d, 
memetic theory (an extension of evolutionary theory) does not. 

Granted, if someone's image of god is so small 
that it could only create the world in 6 days with the greatest parlor trick imaginable, 
they will have problems with Evolution and Memetics...

Don't let anyone blame G`d for that.   
It's the human construct, the feudal idea-of-god which is too small.
It limits some from studying the evidence of creation  with open hearts and minds.

It is founded more on social and political fears than the word or love of G`d.
We must address those fears honestly before inviting them to the table.

There is no need to repent of young-earth creationism.  
(Science generally avoids the sackcloth).   
This inherited idea of G`d is received through memetic transmission.  
It is resilient & as such deserves careful attention and study. (and yes, respect).

Understanding develops over time, like everything in the material world. 
We are all learning and growing together. 
Welcome to the table.

Lauren Beck

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