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Monday, November 24, 2014

Trees of Life

I find myself running ahead, painting with broad strokes, even when I've promised to start small and go steady.  It's challenging to find a professional voice when your inner child is wondering at the complexity of memetic variation, running from pillar to post. 

The inner child and the activist need to express themselves, even if the scientist is a little taken aback.  I can't help but be passionate about social issues.  Memetics helps us to understand the complexities of our inner as well as social lives, and when we start to grasp those patterns we see how social interactions and judgments are restricted by the current paradigm, and I speak on topics the hard sciences are accustomed to remaining silent about.

I have faith readers may pardon me for excitement and personal bias.  Even the most rational among us are humans, not Straw Vulcans.  Science isn't just the accumulation of facts and the dispassionate reiteration of them.  It is the ability to understand, question and adapt policies and traditions we've taken for granted in light of new knowledge.  It is responding to changes of stimuli and information in our environment, a basic process of life.


  1. Nice site. Not much for me here since I can't agree with the evolutionary premise of Memetic theory. But it is well organized, easy to navigate, and has a nice appearance. Clearly a lot of heart went into it.

  2. Sometimes an idea can have a faulty premise supporting it and yet it is, on its' own or with other premises, accurate. I think creationists may be able to accept memes as they have accepted genes, as a part of creation meriting study in certain disciplines. Memetic theory needs critics (as any theory, no matter how well supported, does) to identify areas of concern, further study, revision or to unseat the theory altogether.

    Granted, I have my biases against the creationist worldview (and I'm not silent about that), but I am one person. My personal views, and presentation of the subject do not encompass the full theory of memetics as it is understood currently by others nor does it determine / limit what others might create or uncover by trying to understand and test memetic theory. I think you and other creationists have something to offer the scientific community in the examination of memetic theory and evolutionary theory. However, the choice to participate is up to you.