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Sunday, August 24, 2014


The structure of this blog was too ambitious.
In-depth posts investigating monthly themes are good to foster reflection, but they lead to burnout. 
The topics are pressing & the field of memetics is exciting...but to preserve energy, let's pace ourselves. 

Let's have some fun doing this.
Let's have wacky random days.  Short post days. 
Meme-cat days!

shhhh... i is nap-kin
(ok, I promise, not too many of those). 

Let's not limit themes to a calendar month--let's make this more organic.
Structure will still be found in the topics, where themes can be tied together and networked
-but let's not try and write a dissertation each day...
Any reader out there can appreciate this. 

The revolution of Meme Theory can't be accomplished with logical argument and articulation alone.
Let's remember how we learned in Kindergarten...let's explore & play & grow.

Third time's a charm.

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